Disposable helium cilinders for balloons.

Our cylinders

They are manufactured in line with the highest European standards by a global leader in production of steel pressure containers. Helium for our balloons comes from a Polish mine owned by the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG).

Our balloons

Our balloons are manufactured in Poland, by an European leader in this sector. They comply with the highest standards of aesthetics, quality and user safety. Our balloons are always trendy and will decorate every party and other ceremony.

Our production system

It allows us to complete virtually any order within 2-3 working days. This is possible because we fill the cylinders and complete the product ourselves. Our reliable logistics partners ensure that you get the products quickly and securely.

Helium filled to the cilinders


Bottles shipped to customers


Filled balloons brought joy


Do you need balloons for your child’s party or other home event? Isn’t a bunch of multi-colour balloons as beautiful as a bouquet of flowers? We know it – balloons suit every occasion!
We offer disposable helium cylinders that you can use instead of using heavy and inconvenient
rental multi-use cylinders. You don’t need to look for specialist outlets filling balloons with helium. Our cylinders allow you to save time, energy and money! You get a lot of joy and wonderful memories at a really low cost. Our cylinders are lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. A special mini-reducing valve makes filling balloons effortless and pleasant. Helium is an excellent choice to fill both latex and foil balloons.

We offer two types of helium cylinders: 30 balloons’ bottles and 50 balloons’ bottles.

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We are a family business, which has developed for 25 years based on four pillars: reliability, competences, diligence and trustful relationship with our customers.


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